Emotional closet purge

  1. Twice a year I do a pretty thorough closet purge (clothes and shoes both) to put my sweaters and boots away from F/W and to get out the S/S stuff (and see if I still fit in it, ha!). Last year I made about 6 trips to Goodwill, about 10 large garbage bags full - wow! :yahoo:

    This year I was even more brutal and for some reason it took more of a toll on me. I think I'm on the brink of another change in my style (which is a good thing, right?)

    Here's a few things in the dump pile: most I'm OK with, others will have a little mourning due to sentimental reasons and knowing the hard-earned money I invested back in the day:

    - costume party gear: old green sequin camp shirt and black pleather pants I wore to a party in 1995. Done - no worries there! :roflmfao:
    - my first gorgeous laptop briefcase: my black nylon Tumi which went with me everywhere 1999-present
    - cashmere sweaters that are worn out and pilled
    - a few old t-shirts (souvenir travel shirts, not good for much except for gardening)
    - lingerie I don't wear anymore (taste changes)
    - a few winter coats. Lots of moolah dropped, well worth for the 8-9 years I had 'em.
    - my rather large collection of understated plaid button front shirts (Faconnable, a Nordstrom brand). Side note: BF hates me in these shirts and in plaid, period. I spent a ton on these shirts (about 6-7 years ago and they still look new) and I always wore patterns on top to de-emphasize hips but oh well I have plain colored shirts too)
    - argyle tops. ditto above reason.

    Man, I am not normally such a wreck about getting rid of things I don't use anymore, especially after getting so many good years out of these items - guess I'm PMS'ing or something.

    I'll keep forging ahead...a clean start is good, right?? thanks for letting me rant and any support is appreciated!
  2. Go for it! Think of all the space you'll have for new lovely things. I'm always getting rid of things from my wardrobe - It feels good to declutter and then you have a chance to see which things you really don't wear and should get rid of. I find that having less clothes makes me put more thought into my combinations and into what i'd like to buy. The older I get the more I realise that quality is more important than quantity.

    You should be proud of yourself - hopefully somebody who needs those things will give them a good home.
  3. I think I tend to hold on to clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. for sentimental or emotional reasons, even though I probably won't wear them again. Maybe you're attached in some way to their memories.

    It really is a great idea to clean your closets like you're doing now. It will give you more space and someone will have the opportunity to appreciate the nice things you've donated.

    Good for you!:smile:
  4. I HATE getting rid of things from my closet. But I just tell myself it will give me even more of a reason to buy new things :biggrin:
  5. Good for you, Pursegrrl!

    It feels so good to purge. I have a fairly small closet so I've gotten in the habit of really weeding things out. I love the feeling of driving away from Goodwill, having donated! Besides, there's more room for new clothes:yes:
  6. thank you so much, ladies! I really appreciate your support. Yes, it's the memories with quite a few of those items which well up inside me and it's hard to put in the goodwill pile.

    BUT once I drive away having donated, what a great feeling!

    I also went for a long walk with a GF who is my inspiration, the Queen of organizing, and she too is helping me stay motivated. I'm not QUITE done yet in this round!!

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I'm in the process of spring cleaning, and getting rid of a lot of things, and there have been some things that I've had to grit my teeth and just force myself to chuck/donate. It can be really hard! But we'll feel so much better after we do it. It's not good to hold onto everything, you know?
  8. It's really hard for me to let go of clothes I've worn and loved at any point in time. Things that never got used aren't as hard to justify losing. But I get sentimental with other things, especially if I invested in them.
  9. I just finished cleaning out my closet and now I realize that I don't have many clothes, so I have to go shopping! YAY for great shopping excursions.
  10. This post is motivating me to do the same thing! I'm long overdue for a big clean; I think next weekend will be the time to do it! Thanks pursegrrl!
  11. I've been putting off cleaning out the closet. But you've inspired me too. Thanks!
  12. I just did my closet this week. I got rid of so many things and do not look back. I find it very refreshing to clear out the stuff I don't wear, it doesn't fit, the style is not me or it is old. I used to save old stuff for cleaning around the house but I threw all of those ratty clothes out. I feel I can clean in a new pair of yoga pants and top and don't need to save ugly clothes. I do find my style changing this spring. I bought a lot of solid spring and summer colored shirts and even some stripe T-shirts (which I normally don't like) but there is something nice about the simple beach look of this. I took out all my summer shoes I bought last year on major sale from J Crew. I was stuck in a uniform look for a year, I bought so many white shirts and felt I now wanted color. I am not a print person now but I still do like my old Lilly Pulitzer stuff--which is summer clothing.
    I still like my jeans and capris but haven't decided if I like the newer styles out there. Not sure about the cargo look--but have seen some cute outfits on friends.
    I do think once you start cleaning out your closet you do reflect on what the clothing means..... But I am the type of person who is happy to get rid of and am not a keeper like my DH the packrat.....
  13. Clean closet clear mind :biggrin:!
  14. I was actually incapable of getting rid of old clothes for a long time. I still liked them, I have just dropped a few sizes since grad school and worry that if I have kids some time in the next few years, I will want "temporary fat clothes" but shouldn't buy new fat clothes because then I won't have incentive to lose the weight because I love new clothes. My boyfriend finally came up with the perfect solution and bought me a beautiful new closet/dresser - for the basement where all of my old clothes now live. I definitely felt that happily purged and empty closet feeling when I was done but without the "but what if I want it later" thing nagging in the back of my head.
  15. Oh that is so great, I wish I could do that, as I have no space for anything and yet I keep buying.
    I find it so hard to let go of things Ive worn a lot because well they are clothes I love and things Ive barely worn i feel bad because they are brand new. (me=MAJOR HOARDER!) I have to demote things to the closet in the guest room and then to the attic and then to charity.
    I wish I could be more like you, and give my closet a good overhaul. Just think about all those other people that will get use out of it :smile: