Emotional attachement to your bags?

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  1. Does anyone else feel attached to their bags? I have a modest collection, mostly LV. There are a couple of bags I never carry anymore. Sometimes I feel it would make more sense for me to sell, but I just can't bring myself to do it .:shame: For those of you who are able to re-sell, how do you have the strength to do so?
  2. i def have attatchment to all my purses even those i dont use anymore i cant bring myself to sell them because i always think.. what if i need to use them and i dont have them anymore haha
  3. ^^I think the same. Or I rationalize it by thinking if I have a daughter......
  4. To afford a more expensive bag, I sell a couple that I haven't used in awhile or that will be replaced by the new one. There are some that I am attached to and won't ever get rid of--when I die, my daughters-in-law and nieces will have to divvy them up.
  5. I find it very difficult to part with my belongings in general. :yes:

    I definitely form attachments and if the item has an animal motif, it's pretty much mine for life! :lol:
  6. I haven't been very loyal to my bags in the past, but I have just a few that I love to death now, one of them being my dream bag, I would never part with it!
  7. i resell mine because i realize i wont ever carry it anymore, it's wasting space in my closet, and i will get money to spend on other new things.
  8. I will only resell the ones that my bf hasn't gotten me as gifts. They are important to me, I keep everything! Plus it takes me awhile to fall in love with a bag, and once i have it, its usually a keeper! I try not to impulse buy my bags.
  9. I'm giving all my LV's to my daughter someday so I wouldn't sell them, but I'm not necessarily emotionally attached to them. I do have fond memories attached to each bag though.:girlsigh:
  10. omg! yes! my bags are my daughters, since i don't have any children at all............i play with them, talk to them, line them up like a little girl does her paperdolls, and we have coffee together and I even sleep with them the first night they are home with me....i know, i know, am too insane to be a member of this Forum! LOL
    PS oh, i also carry them..............:nuts:

    DH tinks i'm certifiable lol
  11. i have attachments with my b bags. whenever i decided to take my LVs, i feel guilty and naked. i need my b bags :P
  12. I have an attachment to ALL my bags. I might not use some of them anymore because I'm more into LV and Chanel now but I can't get rid of anything. For example, though I don't use my Kate Spade and Coach bags anymore, they were my "starter" bags so they mean a lot to me. And also, my 3 D&B IT bags that get picked on by MANY people for being too trendy or little kid looking, etc. mean a lot to me. My dad got them for me when they first came out and he was SO proud that he got them for me, since he really doesn't buy my bags at all. I used them a ton when I first got them..I don't now, but I'd never get rid of them because they have sentimental value.
  13. I also have a D&B that was given to me from my godfather. I can't seem to get rid of it, despite the fact that D&B gets bashed or looked down on by other people. I also had a small D&B barrel but I got rid of that only because it reminded me of my ex (haha, sorry).

    I have, however, gotten rid of LVs I've bought. Some of them I bought out of impulse because they were cheap, and I was a beginner at LV. Little did I realize that repairs were too expensive, so I had to sell them. I've still kept my favorites...Even though I want to branch out to other brands, I don't think I'll be able to part with those LVs for a really long time...
  14. well I have a very very small collection.but its growing =) I think the only one I can't part with as of right now is the speedy and pochette that my boyfriend bought me
  15. Almost all of my handbags were gifts from my husband. I don't think I could ever part with any of them.