Emotion Monitoring Bags

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  1. Have anyone seen this: Emotion Monitoring Bags; A bag that feels what you feel

    Seems kind of cool, a piece of jewelry that tracks the heartbeat and when attached to the bag sends to info to your phone. Would anyone be interested in buying it? What else could one do with bags that uses technology in some way?
  2. Amazing!
  3. Sounds cool. Is this just a concept or are these for sale IRL? They should install these in bags so owners can track them if they are ever stolen.
  4. That's exactly what I thought too...forget the emotion thing...I just want it incase someone decides to steal it or I forget it somewhere (since I am famous for losing stuff here and there lol)
  5. Interesting!
  6. thats so cool, thanks for posting this
  7. Sounds like some kind of April Fools to me. How exactly does a bit of metal stuck onto a pochette, or a wallet inside a bag, monitor your heart rate exactly? Something has to be touching you to determine your heart rate! Come to think of it how does it tell you your emotions?

    And why are there no pictures of it? (Just photoshops) And HERM isn't even a real term either (also Heart and Emotion Rate is bad grammar!)

    So having cleared that up - that it is bogus, would I want one if they did exist? Maybe, it seems like a novelty to me, as others mentioned, it would be far more useful for tracking stolen bags. It is definitely a cute idea though!
  8. cool!
  9. I agree... Could care less about my heart rate. I would love to be able to find my bag if it is stolen
  10. The stolen bad tracking idea seems more practical and worth the money spent than some emotion tracking feature.
  11. what? this is not for real is it? why would I want to know my heart-rate(unless I am on the treadmill at the gym) this just seems so silly to me~and an emotion detector? crazy!
  12. I thinks this seems silly. There had to be a better invention.
  13. interesting
  14. the building one is COOOOOOLLL
  15. I've no idea. There's so little info on the page and no info anywhere else. The guy seems to work as an art director, but of course he could just have come up with this on his own or LV asked him (or his agency) to do something innovative and nothing more's going to come of it. I thought perhaps one of you would know.

    The idea with a tracking thing is very good. It shouldn't be easy too remove though, cause then then the thieves with a bit of knowledge would just do that. Perhaps the idea could be expand into being used to authenticate the bags too.

    My first thought too, this is real. But wouldn't it be possible if you wore a jewelry that touched your skin?