emoda experiences?

  1. I had made an order at eModa last month and had a TERRIBLE experience with them!

    First, I get an e-mail saying one of the items is on backorder. The next day I get an e-mail saying another item is out of stock and they're not getting anymore. Then I get another e-mail saying my payment didn't go through, yet they charged my debit card and there IS a deduction in my account.

    I've e-mailed them countless times and they send the generic "we will get back to you within one business day" but never truly get back to me. So I finally call them to ask what the F is up. The CS lady was rude and said that they didn't charge me and that it's just a "hold"... Uh, no, my bank account says otherwise. So I told her to just cancel my order altogether.

    So since then, I've e-mailed them asking for my money back and again I got the "we will get back to you within one business day" response, which was a WEEK ago. I'm just pissed.

    I want my damn money back.

    They need
  2. Yikes! I'm sorry to hear that happened Maya!! That's so horrible.. I HATE it when people tell you they'll get back to you and then they dont! Its like, WTF?! Bad customer service = pet peeve. I hope you get your money back! Dont stop bothering them until they do!
  3. I definitely won't!! I want my money!! :cursing:
  4. lol i wouldn't order there because they don't seem like they have a lot in stock. same goes for tobi, which is strange because when it was azalea they would update with stuff.. they had l'amore :biggrin: and adios star.. but now they just have famiglia? :throwup:
  5. Some banks do place holds on the funds on your account when you use a debit card and it can take a while for the hold to be released. There's no excuse for the crappy & rude customer service you've received, but it may be your bank still holding those funds. Unfortunately, it does happen sometimes.:shrugs:

    This is an example of one of the reasons I do not use my debit card for online purchases. That, and the increased risk for fraud. I've already had my CC number hijacked in an online transaction before (and it was through a supposedly "secure" website.) I always use a CC where I can call and dispute a charge much more easier than trying to recover lost funds from a bank account.

    Working for a bank, I have seen too many horror stories to allow my debit card number to float around the internet, particularly to online retailers.

    My suggestion to call your bank tomorrow morning and see what they say. If it's a hold they still have on the account, they should be able to release it. If it's the merchant's fault and the charge has actually permanently posted, then they can advise you of the dispute process to have it reversed. Either way, you'll probably get better results bringing the issue to your bank's attention at this point.

    Good Luck!
  6. lol i never knew that! although for me paying with credit is worse because then i have to pay it off later :sweatdrop:
  7. That has happened to me...I can see the difference when I look online between a hold (pending charge) on my debit card, and how it looks once it actually goes through as a charge.

    I had the same thing happen to me with my son's after school program. Used my debit card for $40 registration fee...it showed up as pending and then dropped off like 4 different times, and then finally went through as a real charge like 4 weeks later. They claimed I was never charged, and I had to show them my bank statement before they believed me and credited me.

    Good luck, Maya, and don't stop bothering them!!

  8. I just don't understand how they can tell me my card had "insufficient funds" when they took the money out or had it on this supposed "hold"... I obviously had sufficient funds.

    I'll definitely be calling my bank. I just have to wait until Monday because they're closed on Sunday.
  9. I'm sorry that happened, Maya. I hope this gets worked out quickly!
  10. I know I placed an order with them for a few shirts. One of them they couldn't send me because they were out of stock. I ended up not getting to use the discount code because my order then wasn't over a $100.

    Their return policy sucks in my opinion.

    The shirts I got were fine but I don't know if I would shop from them again. Unless they have something I can't get anywhere else.
  11. I ordered a few shirts from them. I made sure to order over 100 so i didnt have to pay for shipping. the last item i had ordered for DF was outta sock so i was able to get my 3 tokidoki shirts without tax and shipping cost. i only bought from them cuz the T shirts were on sale.
  12. ugh I'm sorry about that maya... I would def go thru your bank and just cancel the charge that way, they will usu do it for free if it's a one time thing. and i second using only CC online, not debit cards... too risky...
  13. Maya - were you able to get the hold for the charge removed from your bank account? Hope so...
  14. I called my bank today and they said they did take out $29 from my account. So they said my options are to either contact them and get them to give me a refund or to file a dispute to get my money back.

    So I called eModa and the guy on the phone tells me there's no record of the charge!! So I have to wait for my bank statement to come in (they won't take a copy of my on-line statement) and fax it to them in order to get my refund.

  15. omg!!! what a PITA!!!! I will never order from them!!!