1. Does anyone have any coupons?
  2. You can try to enter 10DOOFFSO for $10 off order over $100. they only apply coupons to regularly priced items though and it's not guaranteed that you'll get a discount. I hate this site - everything about it: half of the items you purchase will end up to be unavailable even though it says "shipped" at the time order goes through. They even stopped sending e-mail notifications. Customer service is terrible too. They do have a good selection of contemporary stuff though.
  3. I've heard a lot of negative things about emoda.
  4. Email notifications suck but I returned an item once and it went OK.
  5. Emoda is horrible. This was about a year ago... I bought two pairs of rock and republic jeans, different styles. They sent two of the EXACT same style. As soon as I received it I called them and let them know that they sent me two of the same jeans when I had ordered different styles. The customer service rep said that she'd make a note of it and that I could return it and get my money back. I returned the item to them and then they claimed that they didn't make a mistake and that they needed to charge me a 10% return fee. I argued with them that I shouldn't be punished for their mistake. The customer service rep said that she spoke to the manager and there was nothing that she could do. The manager wouldn't even come to the phone!! So basically after shipping and the "return fee" I was out about $40 because of their mistake.

    I will never shop with them again.