eModa: A few bags with good prices...

  1. what weird pricing!! man, too bad none of the styles I want!! thx for the tip
  2. Yeah, I wanting a zucca. If anyone who is already getting one stumbles upon a zucca tell me!!
  3. funnie how the ciaociao is same price as a bambinone o.o
  4. ahhh! i've been wanting an adios bambinone! =]]]

    do you think amore will ever go on sale? i want one, but i'm a cheapo. lol.
  5. Thanks for the link. I like how they show a pic of the bag on a girl. It gives a good idea of the size of the bag.
  6. wow! $98 for an adios stellina! not too shabby! too bad they dont have it in amore :sad:
  7. yeah i think thats real cheap! too bad im not into adios star :lol:
  8. I want an adios star but I want to pick my placement... it's cheap but nothing beats seeing it in person and picking it yourself (especially with that print)
  9. yeah that is true...theres too many stars haha..and not enough characters on them :lol:
  10. i agree. that's the one & only print that would be best hand-picked. i wonder why they chose to have so many stars as opposed to characters?
  11. I saw the cutest dolce with 6 characters on it or more but my bf was with me and made me feel guilty since I was getting a new amore... I don't usually get my bags at full price :sad:

    another reason why I think I'm turning to eBay to sell soon
  12. Maybe try pulse? They are still honoring 20% off on pirata and adios. Casey can help you with print placement. Of course their stock is getting pretty limited though.
  13. I live chatted with emoda and they don't have the ability to look at the adios bags to help see what characters are on them! RAts! I would have liked to have had a stellina with right characters and that price is very good.

    girls, if you want the amore scuola, they also offer an instant $10 off code & free ship with purchase over $100. So that would make the amore scuola only $162 total....(no tax unless you live in PA and free shipping)
  14. yeah i'm really considering them for an amore ciaociao..though that would be an impulse buy...but then there's always pulse as well...eee what to do.