Emmy's been bad AGAIN!!! **PICS**

  1. OK..Couldn't pass this one up...I ordered it through Nordstrom Rack..Chicago...a steal @$349.00...This time I got the pics :nuts:
    Oatmeal Multipocket.....
    oatmeal mj 003.jpg oatmeal mj 012.jpg oatmeal mj 010.jpg oatmeal mj 017.jpg oatmeal mj 018.jpg
  2. Oh no, not AGAIN!!! :lol:

    Beautiful Oatmeal MP, Emmy! Killer deal on it too, so you havent been that bad. Enjoy!
  3. That's a beautiful bag. Congrats!! Why can't the Nordstrom Rack here ever get any MJ bags :sad:
  4. I LOVE it when you're BAD EMMY!! :devil::greengrin:

    That MP is so beautiful!! What a fantastic deal! Congrats girl!!
  5. What a steal! Congrats Emmy!
  6. Wow, what a great deal!!! Enjoy!!
  7. Emmy, I am green with envy! What a great price for that AMAZING color, in a MP, no less!
  8. very pretty!!! it looks great on you. thanks for posting pics!

  9. :roflmfao: I'm cracking up!!!

    I agree, it's great when you're bad! hahahaha
    Beautiful MP!!!
  10. Ohh, could this start another Nordstrom rack hunt by all the MJ tPF'ers? lol. I hope the racks by me get in more MJ bags.

    Thanks for sharing
  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how beautiful it is on you Emmy!
    Congratulations on your Oatmeal find! Awesome color.
    Never get rid of her - she is classic and looks so good on!! :tup: (high five)
  12. Emmy, she looks GORGEOUS! I'm so excited for you! :yahoo:I'm still anxiously waiting for mine!!
  13. Wow, you got an AWESOME deal! I can't believe you found this color at NR!!
    I have this bag also (although I paid a lot more, boohoo) and I love it!
  14. PP's been bad twice over today, Emmy! I got TWO MJ multipockets!!! Maroon and spearmint. Now I'll be the bad one about pics and won't post them until later (in a new thread-don't want to hijack yours). DH is here and doesn't know a THING about them. And that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it! :devil:

    Love your oatmeal! :rochard:
  15. OH no! We got some bad girls today!!

    Emmy, you bag is gorgeous!! I love the color on you. It's gonna go great with your black and tomatoe bags. Congrats!