Emmy's back from Toronto!!!

  1. Well... I have to say....I had the best vacation ever!! We spent 12 days on our boat and went to three cities in Canada...It wa just fabulous!!! No rain...Every day was hot & sunny...We keep our boat in Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands, NY...so our excursions were reasonably close (w/in 8 hours travel time)...

    The best part was Toronto..I FINALLY got to see the lovely purses all you ladies have IRL!!! I went to Holt's and Prada..Chanel was closed (still devastated over that--Candian holiday:sad:) I literally walked around Holt's w/ my jaw open...Still freaking I got to actually see and feel all the lovely bags!! And it was so funny to see some of the ones i actully own sitting on a table for sale lol!!!

    I did get to see Chanel in Holt's..but it wasn't the same...but still......It was a trip!!!

    I didn't do too much damage...I bought a necklace at Tiffany's and some perfume at Holt's..and some makeup....Actually I wasn't in the mood to shop after seeing that Chanel was closed but that's OK....Hopefully we'll take a trip there next year...ALTHOUGH there is talk of taking a trip into the NY harbor next summer so you KNOW I'll get my chance again!!!

    Just wanted to say hi to you all..I've missed the pf terribly and haven't logged on on purpose b/c I am SO bureid at work....I'll be in and out until I get caught up....Hope all of you are well..Can't wait to check out what I've missed!!! Chat soon!!!:smile:
  2. Glad you had a good time!
  3. Glad you had a good trip.