Emmy's at it again!!! Lg Denim MP--PICS!!

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  1. :yahoo:OMG OMG OMG!!!! I got it today...TDWP bag:Lg denim mp....weN84 (Wendy) pm'd me the other night and told me this was up on ebay.....I dropped everything...was frantic emailing back and forth ..the seller was very gracious about sending mega pics..She used to work at LV and was unloading some of her extra bags..I was DYING to ask what her discount on MJ bags was while working there..:graucho:! Anyways I was up until midnight securing this baby ...she ended the auction early for me.....so here is my lovely bag...$330 including shipping!!!!! (**sorry for the crappy pics but wanted to hurry and get them posted...and when the flash is on the bag it looks like smurf blue..but it's not..it's like a gray-blue...gorgy!!!)
    mj denim 001.jpg mj denim 002.jpg mj denim 018.jpg mj denim 011.jpg mj denim 025.jpg
  2. oh..and can someone confirm the exact year/season so I can post pics in the reference library!?!? THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. congrats! that is a pretty colour
  4. Emmy! It's gorgeous and looks perfect on you! I'm so excited for you hon! Congrats!
  5. just beautiful!
  6. woohooo! a HG find!! congrats, its a beautiful color :yes:
  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it EMMY!!! :love: Congrats sweetie! I always adore the bags you get. And they all always look fabulous on you!:tup:
  8. Beautiful bag! Great color, Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous bag, and congrats!
  10. It's gorgeous!!! Congrats on finally getting your HG Emmy. It looks great on you!!!
  11. It is absolutely wonderful!!! Love it!! Wish I had one!!!:tup::heart::drool::okay::woohoo:
  12. gorgeous!!!! you make me want a large mp now!! love it!!!
  13. Thanx everyone!!!!! I'm exhausted..I'm killin' myself finding these d*mn bags lol!!!! I'm so proud to have this...because I soooooooooo loved that movie!!!
  14. Looks great. It is such a pretty blue. It's so nice to find your HG bag. Congrats!
  15. :tup::tup::tup: Excellent choice Emmy. You've chosen wisely.
    This color is really so pretty, I personally LOVE it! :drool:
    It just says SPRING to me big time ... I'm so happy you got the
    bag you've been looking for. The ladies on here ROCK when it
    comes to remembering who was looking for what. :love: