EMMY was a (little) bad!! *PICS*

  1. OK...I bought another bag lol...Just a little one:smile: I am now creating a purse collection on our boat..DH is not amused :rolleyes:..For weekends on our boat I put away the bag that I go up with and use a small one for the weekend...But..as I have a whole 'nother wardrobe up there, now I find myself needing more 'weekend' bags..so I've been looking at this one, (Tessuto Oro) and then Padparasha and I went on the HUGE hunt for this bag on line..she finally tracked down her SA at Saks, and they said the size I wanted was carried at Neiman's:nuts:..So I called my girl in TX two days ago and here she is....$570.00 no tax no shipping...:graucho: LMK what you think! BTW I live in NY...& Pad lives in CA...so NO purse is hard to find when you put us pf'rs to the quest!! You know what I'm talkin' 'bout ladies!! hehehe!
  2. yay, congrats!!

    any pics to show? :graucho:
    LOL! and hurry....heehee...
  4. Where's the pix.. where's the pix!!!????? :shrugs:
  5. Bad Bad Emmy!!! :lecture:

    Ok... I saw your pix... I like it... alot!! It looks *great* on you - perfect size and I love the black. The blue would not have given you the sophistication this bag has in the black.

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Emmy !!! I'm sooooo happy *you're* happy!!!

    Enjoy my buddy!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::party:


    and hurry up and get those pix posted here girl!!! ;)
  6. Emmy, you are killing us! Post pics please. =)
  7. pics please
  8. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! :nuts:
  9. Can't wait to see it! :yes:
  10. I'm a moron!!! Sorry ladies..Here ya go....Oh yeah and I'm Polish too...Go figure...
    prada tossuto oro 015.jpg prada tossuto oro 008.jpg prada tossuto oro 013.jpg prada tossuto oro 017.jpg prada tossuto oro 022.jpg
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I can't help it..I'm still laughing at myself..Gee..ya think I'd get the hang of this by now..I go a month w/o buying a bag and I lose my sanity...Bad Emmy Moron lol!!
  12. Very nice! I've been good...actually, I need to go through and get rid of some older bags...

    I've got my first Ch***l on order...but I'm not positive about that. I am going to meet a friend at Tysons Corner next Saturday...I'll be sure to check out the Prada section in NM...might see something... :graucho:

    Emmy, enjoy your new purse!
  13. Congrats!so cute!

  14. ^Bis!!!! I'm pm'g you!!! Dying to know just WHAT you have on order lol!!!:nuts:
  15. It's purrfect and I love your blouse !!