Emmy owners - can you help?

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  1. Pls can Emmy owners give me the low down on this style? I like the oak Emmy. I'm looking for an everyday bag that's not too big (but not too small either) that I chuck all my junk into.

    I am not worried about the Emmy getting a bit bashed up or waterstained.

    How do you find it sits, as it's a boxy shape? Also, do you have problems getting into the bag, as it has little lock things as well as a magnetic popper?

    Thanks! :wlae:
  2. I find it easy to carry and it does fit comfortably on your shoulder so you don't just have to carry it on the crook of your arm. You need to have more rather then less in it to maintain the shape of the bag! So it is good for everyday use. To give you an idea of what you can fit I carry a book, umbrella, wallet, medium sized make up bag, keys etc and they all fit great in it.

    It is also easy enough to get into and the locks are far enough back that you can just open the magnetic clasp to get something small quickly out of the bag. It doesn't pull on the locks. Hope this helps. It's a fab bag!!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Hello - stalking you round the forum again ;)

    I had originally dismissed the Emmy after trying it out in a shop and finding it too boxy but, as you know, that sale proved too good to miss, so I thought I'd give it a go.

    I really love it - it's a gorgeous bag and very much suits the oak colour. The size is perfect too - it holds loads. My intention was to let it get bashed up and not worry too much about any watermarking but I'm afraid this isn't going too well. Even though I've sprayed it with Collonil twice, it has still got waterspots on the top and I am all :sad: about it. I'm not convinced that the oak Emmy lends itself to distressed-chic in quite the same way as the oak Bayswater or Roxanne. But perhaps that's just me... I do need to just take it out in a proper downpour and get it over with, rather than panic at being caught in a little downpour.

    I do tend to carry it in the crook of my arm quite a lot but it also works as a shoulder bag. I cross the straps over the top so that both straps stay put.

    Regarding the shape, as shopaholic says, it does tend to collapse if it's not full but, of course, once it's full it weighs a ton.

    Getting into it is much easier than I'd anticipated; as most of my bags are open at the top, I tend to use the internal zipper pockets for my wallet so it's usually a bit of a faff to get out anyway. On the Emmy, I keep the postman's locks closed and just open the magnetic buckle - a quick rummage usually finds my wallet, easily as quickly as using the internal zipper on, say, the Joni. (I just say wallet as that's the only thing I need to get out quickly). The outside pockets are ideal for phone & travelcard. I fill out the front outside pocket with a cute manicure kit from Cath Kidston!

    I really like it but are you just looking at it now because there aren't any Bayswaters around at the moment? You've been lusting after the Bayswater for ages and I'm sure one will turn up sooner or later.
  5. Thanks.

    I would love an Emmy and a Bayswater (greedy old me).

    It looks just the right size to tote all my stuff about in and it's casual enough to use everyday.

    I dunno, maybe I should just hold out for a Bayswater.
  6. I tried the Emmy today and I just couldn't cope with the way the barrel shape made my arm stick out!
    I really like the idea of it but it just doesn't work for me. Also the straps are quite short and it felt high up under my arm. And it does weigh a ton when you've got anything in it.
  7. Thanks so much for all your comments. I will be strong and hold out for a Bayswater, I will, I will...