Emmy/ Alana/ Portobello in red/ ginger?

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  1. Hello.

    Sorry if these are some stupid questions, so please bear over with me:

    Does anyone know if Emmy and Alana were made in the same red/ ginger colour- combinations? I have them both, but they look a little different, and I just wonder if it is because they have been treated differently? (My Emmy have been worn in rain and snow, while my recently bought Alana have hardly been worn..)

    I also wonder if any of you happen to know if Portobello, and the Emmy and Alana wallets were made in red/ ginger versions too?

    I love my Emmy and Alana and would love to get more in the same colours, but if these two were all that were made I can put my Mulberry- focus on other purses :smile:

    Thankyou for any help.

  2. Welcome and not a stupid question 🙂

    I have absolutely no idea, sorry! But sure some of our resident gurus will pitch in soon. In the interim why not post some pics of your lovelies
  3. This forum is so interesting. It looks like I have a brick/ rust Alana, thanks to Mulberry Ellis pictures http://forum.purseblog.com/mulberry/ellies-emmys-and-alana-574755.html I now also know that the Alana walled were made in brick/ rust at one point. I really love this design, for some reason I think this is my favourite design :lol:
  4. Both Emmy and Alana came in the brick-rust NVT combo and also in ginger NVT.
  5. Thankyou for your help :smile:
  7. Glad I found this reply with the link to all the lovely bags
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