Emmanuelle Alt - Fashion Director at French Vogue

  1. Although I like Emanuelle very much, I prefered French Vogue before she took over: I find it rather dull now....JMHO!
  2. greentea.. just found out its 2011 fall/ winter Dolce & gabbana lace peeptoe booties!!! me likey!!!;)

  3. i think you are right..she has her own style...would it be great to have such thread for kids....(celebrity kids)
  4. naw, you are not alone, can't stand Carine
  5. Haha. ... Carine has a lot of loyal followers.. But you are right sometimes she can come across as too intense... Like a cat woman Of fashion...
    While Emmanuel alt seems a real easy going person!!!

    UOTE=lara0112;19989794]naw, you are not alone, can't stand Carine[/QUOTE]
  6. Love her style!
  7. must i see my dream fur coat again!!!

    Isabel marant blondi!!!:graucho:

  8. more!
  9. another one!
  10. loves =)
  11. Late to this thread -- but I agree with you so much!
  12. Hi, i al actually considering buying me a tank solo Cartier, the same Emmanuelle is wearing in this photo...Do someone know if it is PM or GM ?

    Thanks everybody !!

  13. ANYONE ? :sad:

  14. I saw Emmanuelle yesterday at Zara in Paris ! She was with her daughter.
  15. I agree. That's how I dress my little one. She has the same trench, skinniest but she has leopard print flats instead of black ones