emma watson's dress

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  1. #1 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    how beautiful is this dress? apparently it is a 1970's vintage ozzie clarke, i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find something similar to it? i'm in LUST for it!

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  2. I made a thread about this dress, too. Haha. I love it. Hope someone can find a similar.
  3. I read somewhere it's an Ozzie Clark vintage dress from the 1970's.
  4. She knows [you should read the original post before replying...], but she wants to find a similar dress.
  5. Oops!!! I'm so sorry, my bad. Thank you!
    Good luck, samiran212.
  6. Btw, now that I re-read my post, I sounded a little mean! Sorry, haha.
  7. No, it's OK. Don't worry. ;)
  8. i'm not sure if i'd want this dress.. it ripped b/c of the rain or something? correct me if i'm wrong lol.. i just wouldn't want to pay for some fabric that'll rip b/c its wet. But i really like the dress!
  9. It didn't rip, thankfully! It's a wrap dress, so when she went to pick up the skirt, she only grabbed part of it; therefore, it opened up.
  10. I love the cut of that dress :smile:
  11. I agree, especially the neckline. Although it's plunging and might seem too 'sexy' on the hanger, it's still very appropriate-looking and classy on her.
  12. ooh!! i see.. nvm my comment lol :P
  13. Actually, it was the wind that made it blow open; poor Emma!! But she handled it gracefully and humorously when she talked about it on Letterman! :smile:
  14. It doesn't look like that to me, haha.