Emma Watson's choice of handbags

  1. Emma Watson Hermes.jpg
  2. The handbag used here is for her new movie. She's in costume here. I'm trying to post only pics she's chosen herself and she's carrying personally meaning in her downtime or for official events. Emma doesn't seem to be the girl carrying Hermès.
  3. emma-watson-Burberry-Grainy-Leather-Bowling-Bag-scarf-peacoat-11-375x600.jpg
  4. Sorry! Didn't realise she was in costume.
  5. I adore her airport looks
  6. Not loving that last outfit, but she looks so pretty.
  7. I would've probably chosen a white blouse without pattern. Less distracting. But I think the shade of the handbag fits well with the skirt.
  8. i feel like the last few pics are somewhat questionable, but in general i love her style and i love how versatile her bag collection seems to be