Emma Watson's choice of handbags

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  1. I have searched for a similar thread but didn't found anything so I thought I start a new one.
    I always liked Emma Watson's style in general. And since we're here at tPf I thought it should be about bags. :biggrin:

    So ladies, have fun and contribute. I'll start.
  2. Some more
  3. these are really cute... Thanks! :biggrin:
  4. Thanks. You can join :smile:
  5. I've got some more.
  6. She's precious and I love her style :smile: She's a very classy teenager..I am always impressed by how neat and put together she looks.
  7. Love her! I have a funny story about her! Well, indirectly.
    I was at South Coast Plaza awhile ago, and I was passing by the Burberry store and I hear an older lady say very loudly "What's that Hermoine Granger doing there???" and I look around, and find that the lady is pointing at the large Burberry advert! I chuckled to myself for quite awhile after that hehe.
  8. Another few
  9. I love the black bag and coat in Bag Berry's post. Pretty...
  10. Come on ladies. Add some pictures.
  11. Here are some others
  12. I think she always dresses really well! :smile:
  13. I like her way of dressing too. It always looks very put together. You can tell she thought about it. But at the same time not as if she tried too hard.
  14. An older pic.
  15. Here's one more.
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