Emma Watson

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  1. Once again Emma Watson has done a magazine spread,this time for the Bulgarian magazine "Bravo".Tons of pics!
    She looks absolutely stunning!!

  2. I like the first pic. She just kind of looks like the typical girl next door but with some really awesome photography/clothing. I think she looks a little silly with the glasses, but overall she is cute :smile:
  3. in some pics she reminds me of victoria beckham.....hmmm
    she's looking cute!
  4. She's really pretty! Loving the pictures.
  5. w0w! Her look is very classic. She is not overtly sexy or overly cute, just purely beautiful.
  6. She`s grown up into a beautiful girl. Nice photos of her.
  7. I didn't realize she's sooooo pretty.... maybe cos' she's grown up now... :smile:
  8. She's cute... still has that crooked smile in a couple of the pics, but these are better than the ones in the other post. She looks a lot more comfortable.
  9. Wooow she looks stunning. She's really beautiful.
    I love these outfits.
  10. I really like these shots - she looks great!
  11. Wow, she has really matured into a nice young lady. All of her shoes are exquisite too - especially the Louboutins!
  12. i think this is a much better photo shoot of her
  13. Her posing is much improved. I wonder if she has braces.
  14. she looks great, really beautiful and natural, she's rocking those Louboutins!!
  15. Pretty, beautiful girl and classy !!! I hope she stays that way, pleeease