Emma Watson: new face of Chanel?

  1. humm!! Interesting. She's certainly pretty enough but her image is still a bit childish for the time being?? I guess with makeup they can make her look the part.
  2. Well I think its good she clearly is always wearing chanel anyway and there are a lot of teens now getting into chanel!!
  3. Hermione is getting big now. :biggrin:
  4. that's very true.
  5. she is very pretty, but isn't she a bit young? maybe chanel is trying to pull in some younger customers??
  6. ^ Chanel is already pulling in younger customers!! I live in dallas and several of the college age girl walk around wearing chanels and they are real at that!!
  7. I feel old :sad:
  8. She is a beautiful and elegant young lady.... I FEEL OLD!!
  9. She looks very pretty.
  10. It was also said that Lindsay Lohan might become the new face of chanel aswell
  11. Lady and Japs...I feel really, really old...
  12. I love her and all things Harry Potter! She was always my favorite though in the books and in the movies. (Maybe i relate to her? Is this bad? :wondering haha) I am glad she is getting this. I don't think she is too young..lots of younger people have Chanel. Although at 17 she makes even me feel a little old (I'm 23). LOL
  13. Holy crap! She's only 17??? Ugh...I'm an old-timer. No !@#.
    She didn't look that good in the movie THAT'S for sure!!
    Wow. At first I was going to say 'eh' - but now that I see her picture, she looks fab! :tup:
  14. wow, she is young...I feel old too!