Emma Stone's Purse in Easy A movie???

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  1. I just saw the movie Easy A and all I could think about the entire time was that I HAVE TO HAVE THE BAG she carries throughtout the film!! Anyone know what it is??
  2. I'm not sure who makes it - maybe Kooba? - but here's a picture:

  3. ^^^ That is a beautiful bag. Seems as if it can be worn crossbody too!!!
  4. I saw it on the trailer and wondered too!
    just one glance and that was enough for me! I hope somebody knows, but if not, we could keep checking coolspotters, they normally always spot something that's in a movie, or if they don't someone else will.
  5. I also MUST have this bag! Kept staring at it through the whole movie.. someone must know who it is!
  6. Bump!
  7. Thank you to everyone who has posted a response or taken the time to view my post but I'm still in need of finding an answer as to what the purse is Emma Stone (Olive in Easy A) carries throughtout the film. I have checked all over the internet and still nothing...please help!!:sos:
  8. I need to find it too!
  9. i want to know too =)
  10. Bump Bump.

    Just watched this on an airplane yesterday and my internet research skills are failing me.
  11. Anyone know who makes this purse? My sister mentioned today that she really wanted it :smile: TIA!
  12. I've looked for that purse too! Does anyone know what it is??? I've been searching for a purse just like it!
  13. The director and Emma made a comment during the commentary about spending $$$ on the handbags, but I'm not sure if they were kidding or not.

    Something about the bag made me think J.Crew - I don't know why. I haven't checked it out though.

    School bags were not that cool when I was in high school!