Emma Stone!

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  1. Love this!!!
  2. Her hair, her outfit, her makeup! Everything is beautiful

  3. One of my top 3 looks of the night
  4. yes, her look was different in a good way
  5. She really was one of the best dressed! Love this look
  6. She's always been a favorite of mine.. And I agree one of the best dressed of the night
  7. Yes! I bet she was comfy.
  8. Emma – forgo the traditional gown for pants instead. We're particularly fond of Emma's pick, a silver sequin bustier paired with bow-bedecked trousers (all custom Lanvin) and pointy-toe Christian Louboutin heels.
  9. She is the entire package!!
  10. I have a huge crush on her.
  11. More from the Golden Globe Awards...


  12. Her hair looks adorable..styled like that.
  13. Love, love, loved it! Did you see the little rings on her fingers? That too!
  14. I love the color of her dark red hair, it's so striking against her fair skin. I think I had read that she is a natural blonde but I just can't picture that on her.
  15. She went blond a few years ago and it wasn't as flattering. She looked so forgettable. The red brings out all her best features.