Emma Stone!

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  1. LOVE the look!!
  2. she looks gorgeous! the lipstick is a tad bit harsh but not a dealbreaker.
  3. She looks old .. not a good look at all
  4. I think she's adorable, but when her makeup is soft and minimal or when she's not wearing any at all. The harshness of the blonde hair and the makeup in these pics does age her and wash her out.
  5. I'm sorry but she is not pretty or hot or good looking at all, I mean honestly if she wasn't famous I doubt anyone would think twice when looking at her. It's just that we're so conditioned to think so many celebrities are good looking because they cover all these magazines that proclaim them as hot. I mean she seems cool and chill and all but I would never call her attractive.
  6. ^^ That's just your opinion. I think she's really pretty and whether she's a celebrity or not doesn't have anything to do with my opinion. But I do prefer her with red hair.
  7. We are all entitled to our opinion...I happen to think she is very pretty, but I agree with those who like her better with red hair - it brings out her features and accentuates her eyes and pale skin, without washing her out like the light blonde does.
  8. I think she's very pretty!!
  9. I think she's totally hot!! I do like her better with red hair, but I still think she looks great with the blonde.
  10. source: Zimbio
  11. She is adorable and I love that they wrote on the napkins like that :tup:
  12. The black dress is amazing, the makeup and hair is horrid IMO.
  13. They're so cute!
  14. Holy smokes.

    She looks so old Hollywood in that black dress with the blond hair.

  15. That black dress look is a huge miss IMO, which is rare for her. She's a gorgeous girl.

    I love how she and Andrew did that with the napkins:smile: