Emma Stone Style Thread

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  2. She really has amazing style! I've blogged about her outfits twice this week I was so impressed. Id love to know who styles her, they're doing an amazing job!
  3. but i will add she def. does deserve a style thread. she is styled really really well
  4. I thinks its her eye make up. Its not very flattering.
  5. Green is her color
  6. Wearing Lanvin to the 2012 Golden Globes
    image-592732951.png image-832882653.png image-1033443803.png
  7. ^^ So fabulous!
  8. Prior to Golden Globes

  9. I love that Lanvin dress! It kind of reminds me of Natalie Portman's metallic Lanvin dress at the Oscars circa 2005.
  10. She was definitely my best dressed pick of the night. Loved that dress and color on her, and her makeup was perfect
  11. I love her, she's so cute! She has a very interesting face, her eyes are striking!
  12. She looked fab at the Golden Globes, loved that dress, the color was amazing. Also really liked her makeup
  13. She looked great at the Golden Globes. Lanvin loves her and she certainly wears it well!
  14. Promoting Spiderman movie in Tokyo