Emma in Red- mine all mine!

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  1. Here is my new Red Emma. This brings my YSL collection to 3. I have included pics of all of the bags, but put Emma first because she's the baby of the family. I would add a smiley of some sort at the end, but there really is no emoticon for how happy I am to have this bag!

    bags 004.jpg

    bags 017.jpg

    bags 018.jpg
  2. Your collection is beautiful!!! I really love them all =)

    What is the bag in the middle?
  3. Yay! We are bag twins. :biggrin: I'm so glad the red Emma worked out for you.

    Did you end up getting it from matchesfashion.com? How were the customs fees/taxes?

    Congrats on your beautiful bag. I've carried mine out on several nights including New Year's Eve and got so many compliments. Its a great size, not too small.
  4. ^And thanks for posting in the Reference Library. :tup:
  5. so cute!
  6. All are beautiful!! I too want to know what the lovely bag in the middle is called.
  7. It's lovely, congrats! I love red for a nice pop of color! :tup:
  8. Serena, I'm posting your other pic from the Reference Library in here as well, to give everyone an idea about the size. Its about 13" x 8" with a generous 10" shoulder drop

  9. goodmornin, yslalice, adoptastray. shazam, cosmopolitan: thank you for the lovely compliments.
    I don't know the name of the black bag. I bought her in the fall of 2005. Shall I tell you the tale? I saw it in a magazine and tore out the picture and began to call around to YSL stores. No one had really heard of the bag or was all that helpful until I called LA and I think someone named Yasmin or Fatima (don't go by these I cannot quite remember) actually looked into for me and said that she would follow up if the bag came in. I eagerly awaited the bag, but soon realized I should be focusing on work and then, one lovely day she called and I was the first one to get the bag! I love it. It has a cell phone pocket and a side zip inside so I use pouches and larger files/papers to divide it up. It holds a lot and looks sharp and fits over my shoulder!