Emily's satchel..."Cupcakes and Cashmere"

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  1. Today while I was at the outlet, I stumbled into a limited edition Emily's satchel. MSRP was $498.00, she was 30% off with an additional 20% and came down to $278.88. I haven't heard much about this bag, but have the feeling that I came across a real gem :heart:. She is a beautiful shade of pearlized pastel pink. I have been sitting and staring at her all afternoon trying to decide what to do with her. She is a very plain and simple bag, but at the same time is very elegant. I am really on the fence with her :thinking:. I could use some persuading :graucho: one way or the other, and I know I can count on you guys to help me! I did a thread search on the bag and only found one other member that has mentioned owning this bag. TIA!

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  2. I think it is beautiful, as you said, understated but elegant. Very classic, I'd keep her!
  3. Wow, what an amazing find! I can't believe you found this at the outlet! Congrats!
  4. I LOVE this bag! I think the color bag is so pretty, neutral but still a little splash of pink! Personally I love having a rare or limited edition bag as well (Something to make the SA's drool over!)
  5. This is a very beautiful bag. A classic and very elegant.
    love the chain on the bag too!
  6. Thanks...I keep eyeballing her from across the room, debating on her. I love having the handbags that are unique and that you do not see everybody else carrying, and that is what made my eye catch her to begin with. I was shocked that a SA did not snatch it up before it even hit the salesfloor. I was thinking that a scarf tied on could really add a lot of life to her look. I am not a scarf type of girl, but she is so elegant, that I think it looks appropriate.
  7. It's a beautiful classic bag...I remember when a member (profashionista?) posted about this bag and gave great modeling photos.

    My only concern is the light color...but I LOVE the pink. I think I must get over the lighter bags...I'm really wanting to keep my camel carryall...but wondering...

    Good luck! I would say if it were a tad less expensive I would go for it more.
  8. Wow, she's beautiful. Great buy! Congrats :smile:
  9. I really Love this bag. It is so pretty and delicate. CONGRATS!!
  10. CCforC...it was proffashionista. She did have great modeling pictures. She was the only member that I would posting anything about this bag. Her story was cute about leaving the bag in the trunk and freaking out the guy sitting on the bench when she said to her husband that they needed to get Emily out of the trunk...lol!

    The bag is a super light pink, and I am very concerned about color transfer and it showing dirt, but I am thinking that I would only pull her out for special occasions. Although, that is were my concern comes in on her price, too.
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    Beautiful Bag!!! What a special find! Definitely a keeper!

    edit: I just read your last post. Although I love this bag a lot, if you are have second thoughts about it, I think maybe you should just hang on to it for a bit before you commit.
  12. Bag is beautiful, I saw someone mention that it was getting deleted, great price for a beautiful piece!
  13. So pretty and dainty! Lovely girl :smile:
  14. So classy and chic! I say keep it!! Just gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. Lovely! Did you get her at PP? :graucho: