Emily wallet questions

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I really want to get the Emily wallet in the new hot pink color but I've read/seen on youtube that there are a lot of problems with this wallet lately.

    If you have had an Emily wallet for a while now, how is it holding up ? Do the card slots have any cracks or is the glazing on the sides separating?

    Also the big compartment in the middle seems pretty roomy but would I be able to fit my iPhone 6 AND a cles?
  2. I've had my Emillie wallet since Xmas 2014 and it's been used as my main wallet. I've had absolutely no issues with the wear and tear! The larger compartment can fit a iPhone 6 with a slim case and if you wanted a Cles it would be a tight fit!! However, it's possible!

    My overall thoughts on this wallet is slim, light, and pretty with the added pop of color.
    My cons.. It might be a slim wallet but it's still a long wallet with only 4 card slots, which I find hard to organize etc.

    **I wish I got more of a compact wallet with more card slots. 7/10 rating. GOOD LUCK💕
  3. hi, my emilie wallet (also from dec 2014, like kylie m) has been my favourite wallet too, and i totally agree with what she said.
    I did send it in ard 11mths (last year) to change the button (a little wear) and reglaze the sides, but actually I think it would be fine without it. Finding a replacement wallet for the 3 weeks it was gone for repair was like going through cold turkey haha.

    for me, its 9/10. i like that it's a full size wallet with slimmer profile. minus one only for the button which can wear off. it's truly the perfect size for me:smile: and trust me I have lots of wallets, some which were more expensive

    I totally recommend it. If there are wear and tear issues, LV will take care of you. no worries!
  4. I have a pair of Emilies (DE/red and mono/mimosa) that I've had and used for a couple of years and have had absolutely no issues with either. The only real downside is that there's only four cc slots but if you're something of a minimalist with cards and prefer cash and coin then this is definitely worth looking at.
    It could fit an iPhone 6 easily enough although a cles might make for a bit of a tight fit depending on how much is already inside the wallet.
  5. I had the emillie wallet with fuchsia interior and loved it! Does only have the 4 card slots but plenty of space to hold everything you'd need and easy to use! But I did have glazing cracking on the sides within 6 months of use. I took it in for repair and then got the call from lv 3 weeks later it was defective so I picked the zippy compact instead. I'll be honest I still miss that wallet and would buy it again if I could justify the money for it - I'd probably have the same issue again eventually - it's a great wallet - just beware - best advice I heard was any wallet in that style will eventually have glazing issues due to the constant opening and closing strain on the sides
  6. The new emilie wallets don't seem to be as good quality. I bought one in RB a few weeks ago, it was thin, flimsy. I returned it within an hour of receiving it. The fuchsia Emilie wallet I bought early last year is wonderful.
  7. I've used mine almost daily over a year and no issues. That's why I wanted another in RB. I hope the quality improves I'd love to have another.

  8. I agree I hope they improve - I would love to get another one if they do!!!
  9. Here's the pictures of the glazing problem on mine - ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461503641.166738.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461503727.472298.jpg I was afraid it would get worse and crack the canvas and then I would have a ruined wallet with no help - looking at preloved ones like this one or the Sarah I see the glazing gets worn down but wonder if it would still last ok - hard to say -
  10. I've had my Emilie since January 2015 and used it consistently for about 8 months. No cracking or glazing issues but only having 4 card slots became a downside. I ended up switching to a wallet with more slots.
  11. It's one of my favorites but I will not buy it again, the card slots curls up after some time and it stays like that..quite annoying to look but despite that I love it.
  12. Thanks everyone for your input. Only having 4 card slots or the button issue would not bother me. But the glazing or credit card slots cracking / curling up is what I'm worried about.

    I really want to get a wallet in the hot pink, but I guess my only other option is the Clemence and I don't really like it. :hrmm: I might just have to give the Emilie a shot and if anything happens I'll just have to exchange it...

    Does anyone own the Mono hot pink and know if it is the same (bad) quality as the DA RB since they were both released at the same time?
  13. Wow, I'm surprised to hear of all these problems. Mine is perfect over a year later I always have cards in it and they haven't curled up. Do you have pictures?. I'll be watching for these problems in the future.
  14. I had mine for over a year then I noticed that the monogram print on the canvas was breaking up and fading. Although it was my only wallet, I work from home so it's not like it was being overused or anything. I exchanged it for the Pallas Compact which has tons of card slots and is mostly leather. I'm hoping this one lasts longer.