Emily guccissima mini bag

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  1. Hi! I'm interested in purchasing the Emily mini bag. Was wondering how people feel about this bag. Do you find it useful? Also, my main concern is whether the closure would slide open. Especially if the bag was accidentally toppled over , would the contents on my bag start toppling out. Lol
  2. My mother has a turquoise smooth leather from the first season they came out (they brought out only the mini first). One of her most used bags.

    The fastening is a classic and used on many bags from the 1930s to present. 2 other Guccis have the same, never known it to come open. Just don't over-stuff. My bags with it are small and med ( Gucci horse-bit Chain shoulder bags). No idea about toppling over both my H-B tuck under my arm.
  3. Good to know! I usually go for bags with zippers and magnetic closures but this bag really caught my eye!
  4. The mini is very small to me I went the next size up n it's a pretty good size n the shoulder bag is a great size but u can't make it a cross body bag
  5. I have two the small and and medium and I've never had an issue with the flap popping out.

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  6. Has anyone seen authentic guccissima medium Emily chain bag in black leather but silver hardware? Here is a pic. Does it look authentic to u? IMG_1485426112.641982.jpg IMG_1485426112.641982.jpg IMG_1485426112.641982.jpg
  7. IMG_1485426162.111140.jpg IMG_1485426178.735587.jpg IMG_1485426192.521618.jpg IMG_1485426206.713074.jpg