Emily Bowler

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  1. I kind of miss my stam, but I think I did the right thing. I'm considering the Emily Bowler instead. I think it's more classic looking. Opinions?

  2. ^ I saw Emily in real life, I love it! Leather is soft and the style is very classy.
  3. Oh that's a beauty! I can't remember what othercolors that comes in..Resort '06, right/ Bag.lover has pics of all those in the reference section..I love it...I'm sorry you miss your stam....I'm looking at bags too!..But tha'ts the norm...That's why we're all here, right?? Have you seen the drawstring hobo? I like that one too...But you prefer a satchel? Let us know what you decide! Good luck!! :heart: Emmy
    15 x 9.5 x 8.5"
    Colors: Black, Plum, Truffle, Oatmeal
  5. Yeah I definitely like satchels better. I'm not crazy about the draw string.
  6. I think this bag looks great! I also dig how it comes in several colors, both neutral and more vibrant. Good choice!
    I also think you did the right thing with the stam, I have a hard time loving the stam because I can't get over how chunky the hardware is.:shrugs:
  7. The bowler looks gorgeous! I haven't seen one IRL, but it looks really pretty. Have you decided to buy it?
  8. Ohhhhh...I LIKE it a LOT!!!!!!!!! Great choice!!!
  9. At the moment I still love Stam but you're right, this is *definately* a classic, and for all ages. I think Stam is generally a younger bag (I said generally guys!)
  10. ^^ I agree and disagree. I think for young bucks like myself the stam is a trend right now. But the stam is definitely "grannie chic" The frame, kiss lock closure, quilted detail etc. I always see elderly woman with it (I mean 65+). I still love the stam and I'm currently regretting my decision (but I know I won't be in about 4 months) Now that I'm looking at the Emily, I'm not NUTS about it. A venetia or stella will be my next conquest. I'm going to wait a while though.
  11. Definitely wait until you come across a bag you LOVE!!!!! Don't waste your $$ on something just to fill a void..You'll know when you see it! Good luck!!
    :heart: Emmy
  12. ^^ you're right! I think that's what happened with my stam. I got it for 35% off and paid even less for it than I did my mp but I had crazy buyer's remorse.
  13. IMO, Venetia & Stella are the best of the best from Marc Jacobs!!! =)
  14. I personally don't like the Emily in black. The leather looks very nylon-y in that picture. However the lighter color (oatmeal or bisque) looks reall nice.
  15. I agree. I think it would look good in Truffle, too! Was this bag featured in a recent Saks catalog?