Emily Blunt

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  1. Actress Emily Blunt is a member of a group of Hollywood stars who battle a stutter. The Devil Wears Prada star has discovered she’s not alone, and a number of A-listers suffer the same difficulty. She says:

    “I know many actors who have stutters. Bruce Willis has one. James Earl Jones too. I still get it now when I’m under stress or if I have to repeat myself. At one time it was so disabling I was frightened it would never leave me.”

  2. I love her. She's awesome. And so pretty!
  3. Aww..she looks amazing..
  4. Wow, you would never know it!
  5. That's great!! I'm a speech therapist and it's always nice to hear success stories..stuttering is very difficult to overcome.
  6. and she's got THE BEST boyfriend! :heart:
  7. Wow, I could never tell...
  8. Love her...I think she would have been perfect to play Becky in the Shopaholic Movies!
  9. She still sounds like she's so ashamed of it. She's naming other people that have it just to reassure the public that she's not alone.
  10. I would have never known. She is very pretty and I loved her character in the devil wears prada.
  11. Well, it is something that most people are ignorant about....it is extremely embarassing for the person who stutters. It also provides hope that there are others out there who have become very successful in acting despite the fact that they stutter. Stuttering is something that does not have a cure....you have to control it. For her to be able to become an actress...someone who relies on speaking for a living, that says a lot. I work with many people who stutter and they won't even answer the phone.
  12. nice pic of her
  13. love her boyfriend, Michael Buble ;)
  14. Super sexy Canadian crooner Michael Buble and his girlfriend, British actress Emily Blunt, have ended their relationship, the singer's publicist confirms exclusively to PerezHilton.com.

    Rep Liz Rosenberg tells us, "Sadly, after three years, they have parted ways. They are both extraordinary people with huge talent. Let's wish them well."

    We do wish them both well.
  15. Very sad, his family totally loved her.