Emilio Pucci!

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I was just wondering your thoughts are on Emilio Pucci bags? I own three and I love them. I never hear anyone on this site mention him. Would love to know your thoughts? Anyone own any bags by him?:love:
  2. I have an Emilio Pucci tote. I like his prints, it's a work of art.
  3. I pined over this one for a little :/

  4. I looooooooooove Emilio Pucci! Seriously, you'll think I'm nuts, but I believe that in my previous life I was Mr. Pucci's muse in the 60s and 70s. I wore go go boots and mini dresses, danced in the discos, and died of a coke overdose at Studio 54... then I was born into my current body in 1980. :nuts: All kidding aside, I have a very strong affinity for Pucci prints and swirls. I feel like I am in total harmony with myself and with the world when I'm around a Pucci print. They're completely and utterly me. Right now, I have 1 Pucci tote in my collection which I use mostly in the fall, and a few scarves. I frequently drool over the latest Pucci on eluxury and imagine all the fabulous ways I could incorporate them into my wardrobe. Maybe my next purchase will be another Pucci. ;)
  5. pucci prints are *amazing* but i tend to like the scarves better than the bags.
  6. I like them, but they always end up on sale at the end of the season so I am always reluctant to pay full price.
  7. I adore Pucci everything.
  8. Lovelovelove Pucci prints! Esp. the colourful ones, I'm not too fond of the paler ones from this season. I don't have any Pucci bags, but some sweaters and a bikini (a beach tote would be nice...).

    I'm so excited to learn that Matthew Williamsson is taking over as new head designer for Pucci, can't wait to see his first collecton.
  9. I like pucci, but so many dull things for such a vibrant line. Maybe now that La Croix is gone we might see better things from the accessories.
  10. :blink:

    I like Pucci scarves and bags..I have a swim suit as well, but the clothes are a little too much for me.
  11. I like the very colorful ones.....I plan to get one of those eventually if I still can. Bright pink, yellow....that color scheme.
  12. the pucci bags are a bit much for me but i love pucci accessories...scarves and such....and my pucci snow boots....wearing pucci just makes me feel brighter and happier :P
  13. I know London Brat, I'm crazy. LOL
  14. I haven't purchased an Pucci bags, but I have Pucci shoes! I think they are really darling.
  15. I have one Emilio Pucci bag that I love! Here's a pic.