Emilio Pucci Scarf with Handbags

  1. I am a recently proud owner of a Emilio Pucci scarf (1/2 cotton 1/2 silk) in blue and I am pairing my scarf with a blue Kate Spade bag...

    [​IMG] (Source e-bay)

    I put this with my blue pucci scarf !!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I love the color combination! Maybe I'll take pics tommorrow, but I was wondering how everyone else uses them.
  2. my mom ties her Pucci (pictured, right) to her red Alma. show us your Pucci!!

  3. i use mine as i belt or i tie it to my bag. i LOVE pucci scarfs!
  4. I love Pucci scarfs, they are so fun! I use mine as a scarf around my neck, or in my hair and sometimes as a belt. Not often on bags, but that might be a very nice idea, must try.

    Do post some pics of your scarf on your tote!
  5. I LOVE anything PUCCI! They are the cutest scarves I've ever seen!!!