Emilie wallet quality opinions

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  1. So this weekend I went out to find a wallet I could use both in my Eva and bigger bags like delightful/neverfull.

    I ended up getting the insolite coin purse and love it but was also considering the Emilie but didn't because it felt...cheap. Can't put my finger on it but it felt flimsy and the pockets for the cards were loose etc. I was also concerned about the enormous amount of glazing on the sides.

    So my question is has anyone owned the Emilie wallet and experienced problems with it? The insolite seemed like it was 10 times sturdier...
  2. I have the Emile wallet and love it! Previously I had the monogram zippy wallet. I had it for two years and liked it but it was a lot heavier and a bit more difficult to get into as far as the credit card slots go. I don't carry to many credit cards so the emilie is perfect for me. I've had her for a few months and I have had zero issues with her. The Insolite coin is cute though. If I had to pick one though I would go with the emilie because it has more space and I don't really like to fold my money.
  3. I also have the Emilie...and the zippy, Sarah, and Insolite wallets. I see myself using the Emilie more because it's lighter, more flexible and just as versatile as the others. Don't let the price fool you. It's a GREAT wallet and perfect size for smAll, medium, and large bags. I use it in my totally pm and neverfull GM with no issues with compatibility.
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    ^^^^. I agree wholeheartedly with this entirely! I have an insolite and a mono zippy as well. I use my emilie far more and like it better. I love how sleek, light and supple it is. We have three emilie wallets, all in damier ebene at our house. My third daughter uses the mono zippy, but she has the illustre one and loves the people. I don't find the emilie any cheaper in quality as far as use and I've been buying LV since the late 1970's. (I know, I'm old - ha ha')

    Seriously, regardless of cost, the emilie is my favorite. It holds just as much as my insolite or my mono zippy (which I have a love/hate relationship with - it's so heavy). I bought a new mono zippy at Thanksgiving time. I've used it twice. Several other times, I've transferred things into the new zippy, only to take them out again because I've gotten so spoiled by my purse feeling so light.

    I've bought and sold the mono zippy 3 times now, and took a loss on new zippys each time. I feel like I "should" like it better, but in real life, when I go to dress and get ready for the day, it's the emilie I actually want to use. So my more expensive new (and many times purchased) mono zippy wallet sits in its dust bag and box, feeling all alone, while the emilie is always chosen to go out and play.

    My other two daughters and I use the ebene emilie as our daily wallets and just love it!!
  5. I am thinking now of exchanging and don't know what to do...
  6. I absolutely love my emilie BUT has to exchange 3 times before I got one without glazing or stretching issues. Now that I have a perfect one, I'm over the moon! It's my every day wallet and is working so well for me. Just make sure you get a good one from the store. They tried to fob me off by telling me they the first wallet being completely stretched and out of shape was normal. Amazing, because the second one wasn't but it did have sharp glazing on the edge which stuck out and caught to th dust bag. Had so many problems with this one! But love mine so much now.
  7. Are you referring to the pockets on the front looking stretched? I noticed that which is why I had reservations. Just didn't look sturdy but I see everyone loves it so I figured that's normal.
  8. The pockets were stretched but the whole wallet was actually misshapen. The front flap was completely flat on one side and stuck up in the air on the other. Hard to explain but I wish I has pictured it. The one I have now had absolutely no stretching on the pockets so, like I said above, make sure that if you do exchange, you get a good one.
  9. You sold me on it, I exchanged tonight :smile:
  10. I got it tonight and checked for everything you mentioned, thanks!
  11. Congratulations!!!!!!!! You will love it.
  12. I found it fills all my needs and the lower price is only a +
  13. This is my current dilemma. I'm torn between getting an Emilie or Insolite Coin Purse that I can use for my corssbody bags like Miss Eva and my regular sized bags. I'm a bit concern with how well Emilie holds up, because I've read and watched several wear/tear issues. While the insolite cp does not have bill slot (its the least of my worry because I seldom carry cash).