Emilie Wallet Owners! I have Questions!

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  1. Hello!

    I'm planning to get an Emilie wallet in red. But i'm the type that likes to cram alot of things into the wallet for convenience sake... since it only has 4 card slots, do you think it would fit atleast 2 cards in one slot without cracking the leather? some of my friends had other LV wallets and they have had that problem with the leather cracking... it's nearly impossible to choose which 4 cards i can only put in though....

    Just want to know whether i'm able to fit more, if not, what's the next best wallet that i can get? the zippy?
  2. If you like the style but nned more space, go for the Sarah. If you want tons of space, go for the zippy!
  3. I have the Emilie in red and love it!!

    This is how I use her (I posted pics in a reveal on here...) I have my 4 most used cards in the 4 slots.

    Then there's the change holder & cash holder. Behind that is another pocket/compartment. That is where my license goes. I also put any new receipts in there from the day.

    Once she is opened up, there is a large, long pocket/compartment. This is where I put all the cards I hardly ever use (like the back-up credit card, all my rewards cards, specialty cards...)

    I actually feel more organized this way. I used to use the zippy like wallet coach had and was saving up for the LV Zippy... but this one was such a great price I had to get it. I actually feel like it's much more organized and neat in my Emilie.

    Get her- you will love her. The pop of color makes me smile everytime I pull her out. :biggrin:
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  4. I have the emillie in red and I put 2 cards in each slot, it's just a little tight at first but it will loosen up.
  5. I wouldn't fit 2 cards in each slot. I use the other pockets to carry extra cards (sbux gift cards, etc.). The emilie made me really think about what I NEED to carry with me daily. Turns out - not as much as I was carrying before!
  6. There is lots of room and this wallet. I actually think because the canvas is SO supple and none of the slots are upside down, it would be fine. However, there is a huge section behind the red part where it would be very easy to put lots of extra cards.
  7. I vote for zippy. I just received mine a week ago and couldn't be happier. The quality, size, and space, is SUPERB! I would think if you like to stuff a lot in a wallet, the zippy would be more secure.
  8. Can I ask a follow-up question? What's your everyday bag? I love the zippy - but fear it would be too bulky in the bags I carry every day, or I would feel limited in what I could carry.
  9. Thanks everyone!

    i'm thinking the Emilie would be a good first LV wallet for me... haha the zippy is gorgeous but i can't bring myself to spend that much one a wallet! if i add a bit more money i could have gotten a speedy!!!

    I think it'll be fine, i do need a cleaner wallet... i have way too much stuff in it and most of the things i don't really need!
  10. I have a zippy and a porte tresor international. The zippy is definitely a little heavier. They are both big. They fit fine in most of my purses. I do have a mono koala wallet for small wallets, but don't like it nearly as well. It looks brand new because it's seldom used. The Emilie is much nicer in person than I thought it would be. I'm actually considering it! It's nice and slim and light.
  11. I bought my emilie wallet in red two weeks ago and LOVE it! I put two credit cards in each slot and I have not had any problems. There's a lot of room in this wallet and I don't think that you will be disappointed.
    Good Luck!
  12. ^^^

    thanks brittyn!!!
    i'll definitely grab it when i head to Vegas =)
  13. Yea, that's what I like about Emilie too! :yes:
  14. hi all lv emilie owner

    i just found out my lv emilie wallet has a small issue. when i open the flap along the inner edges on top there is a slight (about 1mm) of the LV logo being cut off. anybody has a similar encounter? Plus inside 2 of the pocket the LV logo also cut half. Is this a cause for alarm? Please advise, tks

  15. Can you post pics? My sister has this wallet and she doesn't have LV's on the inside face of the flap.