Emilie Shoes from last year?

  1. Does anyone know the style name of the shoes that came out last year (I think) that are the equivilant of the Emilie's from this year? This year's version has the turnlock, last's years had a buckle.

    I'm going to do a search for last years version on eBay if I can come up with the name. Thanks for helping a newbie!!
  2. i dont remember the name but its in one of the last pages of the celebrity thread.. i remember someone had them on
  3. I *Think* You may be thinking of the elaine? Not sure. HTH!!
  4. Here's the Elaines:


    And the Simones:


    I think you might be talking about the Elaines also...
  5. And here's Eva Mendez with what I think are the Elaines?

  6. Yes I think it's the Elaine's! The color that Eva has on. Thanks so much for all of the help!