Emilie or Zippy compact purse?

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  1. Hi Dear TPFers,

    Help needed on decision~

    I recently bought a mono zippy compact purse, never saw it IRL, before, I feel it is not the same with what I thought or saw in YouTube... I mean, it is kinda like man style... I want a wallet that my iPhone can fit since I will just crab my wallet with me for lunch, but I don't see myself carrying the zcw around as a clutch...

    And I watched some reviews on Emilie wallet and feel it would fit my needs, I don't carry a lot of cards.

    Do you think I should return zcw and get Emilie instead? And what material in Emilie? I like mono red and epi piment which pop, but not sure about their wear and tear, since I want a durable and carefree wallet that I can use for a long time...

    So I guess my question is... Should I get mono red, epi, or DE Emilie, or just keep the zcw?

    Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398028988.813437.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398028997.780116.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398029010.103293.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398029025.500898.jpg
  2. I like the zcw bc it is a better quality than canvas emilie. However I think epi emilie is a good choice bc I like epi leather but I'm not sure how much give or room you will be able to have in emilie epi to fit phone bc epi isn't as flexible as canvas.
  3. Me personally - I'd go for the epi emilie if it still fits a phone well. The colours are so pretty too. I have the DE canvas emilie and love how supple and lightweight it is. I can't imagine having a heavy wallet, but I hate lugging around things that are too heavy. However, i dont own a compact zippy. All are lovely, you can't go wrong :smile:

    but if you purchased it to use as a grab and go clutch and can't see yourself using it for that purpose and are already second guessing yourself, I'd probably exchange

    Also, I have the mono and rouge Josephine wallet, love the combo and its holding up well so far :smile:

  4. Thank you! I wonder whether the epi Emilie is thinner than regular epi as well... But don't see any review on this yet...
  5. Thank you! Do you think the leather button on mono or the epi Emilie will hold up well if I just throw the wallet in my bag everyday...?
  6. My Josephine is still perfect but I have heard of them peeling. However, I asked about this snd my SA said its would be a free in store repair if it happened quickly
  7. I have the Emilie w/Rouge. I love it! I am not a Zippy fan. I saw the Epi yesterday and did not love it. It seems compact but there was just something about it that didn't do it for me.

  8. Thank you! Good to know that they could fix it for free :smile:

  9. Thank you! Do you think the epi for Emilie is thinner than the normal epi? And do you think iPhone can fit in..? TIA!
  10. I don't think it's thinner, it should fit. I can't really describe why it seems different. I think the very back pocket seems shorter because the leather doesn't extend up as far.... Like on the mono the red comes up making the pocket seem deeper. I hope I am explaining well enough. Look on the website and compare the insides if the 2.
  11. Oh, I'm sorry.... misunderstood about your Epi question. It seems a little different, flexible. I am not all that familiar with Epi though, it's not one of my favorite leathers.

  12. Thank you for pointing out the large component in epi! It is a little bit turn off...

    I just ordered the mono red online! Will keep one after comparing zcw and Emilie side by side! :smile:
  13. There are some new mono Emilies coming out later in the year, with fuchsia, mimosa and piment interior with gold button. I am so looking forward to those!

  14. Wow! That is great news! Glad they finally make the gold button on mono... Do you know whether the interior is epi leather(due to their names I'm guessing...)? If so will they have the shorter large component like these epi Emilie..? Thank you!
  15. I have emilie wallet in DE and i love her so much. Not bulky but can fit a lot. The reason why i choose DE is the button. I dont really like the leather button on mono. Mine is about 6 months, no wear and tear. Still like new. I never baby her. Really a carefree wallet.
    I cant comment about epi emilie, but i like that too. :smile: