Emilie & Josephine color wishes

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  1. I was cleaning out my bag at work today and had my Emilie next to my Tiffany journal. I LOVE how the Tiffany blue looks against the monogram. I wish LV made the Emilie in brighter colors. I thought I loved the red, until I saw the bright Tiffany blue next to it. :P

    Am I the only one who wished there were additional colors? But at the same time - I hope they don't come out with new ones, because then I'll want that instead. And I can't buy another one. lol
  2. I wish they have pink! :P But that would make it even more impossible to choose. LOL...
  3. It would be darling with a Tiffany Blue interior! I actually saw this wallet in person this weekend and it's much cuter in person than I thought it would be. I initially didn't like it because of the snap (which I thought was colored metal). When I saw it was colored leather, and that the wallet is really very nice, supple and light, it won me over a little more than I thought it would. I like the Emilie better than the Josephine because I already have a porte tresor international, which is also a three fold. The colored interior is nice. I only liked the red though.
  4. I like the red the best, but I don't like the colors enough to buy them. I think if they were light pink I would buy one right away!
  5. pink would be nice!!!
  6. I like the idea of pink, but bright pink, not baby pink. And I think I'd get tired of pink. Lime green though.. :drool:
  7. ok I would buy it in a minute if it was in pink or lime green!
  8. i want the red ones to be in the damier pattern...if that counts ><
  9. I wish they'd come out in brighter colors too! Hot pink... and oooo tiffany blue-esque would be TDF! :biggrin: hehehe

    Maybe they'll keep releasing new colors in them.. like the insolite!
  10. pink!!!!!!very nice!!!!!!!!;)
  11. Yes Pink! Like Rose Pop :love:
  12. A hot pink would be lovely! I also think that it would be nice to see in a bright yellow.
  13. Tiffany blue would pretty! I'd like a pink or a purple!