Emilie de Ravin tied the knot......

  1. She found herself a husband! She married with her longtime boyfriend, Josh Janowicz on June 19 in Melbourne, Australia. They had been engaged since Jan 1, 2005. They met in 2000, after they both moved to L.A. to pursue acting careers and found themselves bonding over their mutual homesickness. De Ravin left Australia at 18 after landing a role on the WB's Roswell, while Janowicz moved to Hollywood by way of Mukwonago, Wisconsin. 'I never thought I would meet anyone in L.A.......it's such a crazy place that you don't think of it the way you think of, say, Paris, the city of love', she said.

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    Source: celebritywonder.com
  2. Has she been in anything else? I don't/didn't watch Roswell...
  3. Is she the girl that's on Lost? If not they could be twins.
  4. ^^^ Yup, that's her.
  5. Aha, thought that was her, she's adorable :smile:
  6. She's cute.
  7. Very cute...gotta love finding love!
  8. Yep, that's Claire from Lost. I think she's so pretty. I wish they'd give her a meatier story line though.
  9. She's Claire in "LOST"
    She's such a cutie... Congrats to her.