Emilie da wallet help! :)

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  1. Hello ladies I really need your help and opinion so I am on ban island in the past 3 months I got a Chanel GST, celine phantom and a Alma pm so I'm not suppose to be buying anymore things but.... The new epi Emilia came out so I had to go see it but I feel in love with the DA Emilia for spring and summer. So the question is do I need it? Should I go for it? DA Emilia owners what is ur thought and does it get colour transfer or dirty easy? Thank you so much ladies!!
  2. Anyone?
  3. I dont have the Emilie...yet...but I do have the ZCP in DA print, and so far it does not pick up dirt or colors, looks new still.

    Only you can decide if you need it...
  4. Thank your your reply I'm glad it doesn't get dirty easily :smile:
  5. I have a mono with red Emilie and I love it! It's my favorite wallet! I don't have any DA so I can't comment on the print. Did they have the Epi in the store?
  6. They did they had all the colours but indigo at my store. I didn't love it as I thought I would but loved the DA :smile:
  7. If I remember correctly there was only 4 colours available
  8. Thanks! The 866# said they wouldn't have any until the end of the month....the Josephine is available though. I have been waiting to see the Epi....hope I'm not disappointed!:smile:
  9. I actually have the Emilie in DA! I got it a couple months ago and just started to switch to it. I wouldn't use it in any DE bags due to color transfer from the linings.
    I've used it in my mono bags and DA bags and it's just fine. I have a Sarah and ZCW and the Emilie is nice and light.
  10. Thanks for your reply I am scared of colour transfer from bag lining. If you use other bags do you switch your wallet or put the wallet in something to protect it?
  11. Welcome! And I do carry it in my DE red lined bags, and no color transfer yet.
  12. i've used my azur pieces in all my bags with no problem of color transfer. I used the pochette in my mulitcolor alma w/ red alcantara lining last yr and looks perfect. I'm currently using my DA insolite in my rose indian brea w/ no probs as well.
  13. Thank you I think I will purchase the Emilia glad that there is no colour transfer yet :smile:

  14. I switch it when I'm using anything DE that's all-- only because I did have a pink tint when I used it in my DE Trevi.
    But I guess everyone is different.
    Mono interior is fine.