Emilie button leather scratched off


Aug 9, 2009
I am so disappointed. I grabbed my Emilie today (have had it since it was released in the US), and noticed that the red leather on the button is scratched off.

I'm sure LV will say it's normal wear and tear. But I'm crushed. Even though it's an inexpensive wallet by LV standards, $400 is still quite a lot to have a wallet look deteriorated after several months of normal use.

I like to think I take reasonable care of my things, so it's not like I abuse it or should expect this. Sigh.


Apr 6, 2010
You should definitely take it in, it's worth a shot to see if they will repair it for you. Even though the wallet is less expensive than the others that doesn't mean that the quality has been compromised. Let us know if it works out!


Life is short, so...
Jun 30, 2007
I have the wallet for about 3 months now.. since the first day I used it.. I already had a 'phobia' that the leather on the button may be torn easily .. so I am extra careful when I use it.. I know wallet is something we use everyday and it is hard to baby it like I do.. but I have no choice.. it is the only decent wallet I can get with that price.. anything above that I rather buy a handbag.. please keep us updated of your situation if you should decide to bring it in.. I think you should.. by right this kind of thing should not happen no matter how low-priced an item is.. after all we are paying for top quality workmanship and material.. isn't that what is all about in the first place..