Emilia vs. Mini Emilia

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  1. Hi ladies

    I've been carrying my first Ignes for the last week, a Tinted Cognac Emilia. I love the bag, it is so light even with suede lining and the leather is gorgeous and soft. It is a big bag though and I'm thinking of maybe trying the smaller size for my next Ignes purchase.

    Does anyone have a comparison pic showing the size difference between Emilia and Mini Emilia?

    I'm thinking of a blue bag the next time around, towards the darker end of the spectrum. Any suggestions for for main leather and second leather in the braid?
  2. Hi, VB! I don't have a full size Emilia so can't help there but I can suggest leather for your next bag!! LOL!

    Tinted blue is a very dark blue and the leather will feel like your cognac. I think tinted blue with silver in the braid would be fabulous! SK is also really good at mixed braids, she's much braver than I! I'm getting a GIB II Mini Emilia soon too. Not as dark a blue but a nice blue still. Not as soft as tinted either but I think it smooshes with use!
  3. I'm glad you're loving your first Ignes!

    I second the Tinted Blue suggestion. Since you love lightness of your Tinted Cognac, I think you'll also love the blue.

    I'm due to get a Saffire swatch ...I love the pics I saw so far, so I'm excited to see it IRL!

    I only have Mini's ...so can't help w the size comparisons. I do find the Mini a perfect size personally!
  4. Thanks TL and SK - what would this sf be without you two!
  5. :shame: :flowers: