Emile HELP! Which color!

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    I recently bought the Eggshell Emile because the Burlap was sold out. Just so it happens the Burlap bag becomes available today so I bought it aswell. I am trying to decide which one to keep and which to return.

    Eggshell Leather - Nervous the color may stain easier.

    Burlap - Nervous the material is semi cheap looking.

    Please let me know your thoughts, because I love both! :smile:

    (Photo credit to Capture the Castle blog)
  2. I like the contrast with the burlap and how the handles/straps are dark so you don't have to worry about color transfer or staining on the handles...the eggshell is beautiful but I would be afraid about color transfer/staining. I love the look of ivory/cream colored bags but always feel nervous when I carry them. I think they are both nice but if you originally were looking for the burlap then keep that one! I am biased to leather but afraid of light colored ones! Lol.
  3. I hate saying this, but maybe neither are entirely desirable? I understand the temptations of buying a bag(s) when it is on a huge reduction. Boy, do I! The only way I have managed any sort of fiscal responsibility in those situations is to ask myself if I would have bought the same bag if it was full price. I have several 'bargain' bags still sitting unused in my closet :noggin:
    I have learned a few $$$$ lessons along the way. Light color bags----in any material--- are avoided. They look so pretty, but like you said the leather ones are prone to color transfer and the handles can look bad no matter how carefully they are used. The fabric ones can end up looking dingy. And the fabric may tend to crease/fold/sag.
    If it just the Emile style you are after, would the price of those two bags together make enough to purchase an Emile in a different color that you wouldn't feel so hesitant about?
  4. Thanks Hali and Poopsie2,

    Its definitely between one of these two bags, Im just trying to make the best choice out of the two. I love the emile too much! Im leaning towards the burlap for clean reasons.
  5. i say pick the one u were initially drawn to and don't factor in the price! although i can see why it's tempting since it's significantly lower than retail! my vote's for the eggshell w/ rg bc the combo is just so stunning and feminine. yes, u have to baby it more than darker colored bags, but i think it's worth it!! i feel like burlap is a tad seasonal, i really can't see it being carried during the snowy winter months whereas the eggshell is all leather and can be carried year-round. that's just my personal opinion.

    let us know which one u chose! :biggrin:
  6. I love the Emile in Eggshell so much, the combo is gorgeous!
    I wanted to get the Emile as well, but I think that it's a bit too classy for my age somehow.
    I have to say that the Emile in Burlap reminds me of these kinda cheap looking H&M totes that I've seen a lot on girls in Europe. Haven't seen them where I live yet.
    Of course that's not going to be an issue for you, but the mix of leather and canvas seems to be everywhere right now whilst I've never seen an amazing combo like Eggshell anywhere before!
    I could imagine that you are going to struggle with both if it comes to cleaning.
  7. I love the Emile and have one on toffee. I would choose how and when I would want to wear it. I love the burlap--more than the eggshell, but wouldn't wear it to a very nice dinner whereas I think the eggshell could work and is generally more versatile--just be when careful you're wearing jeans!
  8. Which one did you end up keeping..........................or did you decide to keep them both? :graucho:
  9. I received the burlap one yesterday and compared it to the eggshell. They really have both features you both have addressed... Its seriously a harder call than you can imagine! The burlap is definitely more casual and I wouldnt care so much to use it everyday and get it worn in alittle bit. The eggshell is for sure very elegant and dressy with I may want to use for nicer events... Im stuck and am tempted to keep both. I am so terrible LOL! :busted
  10. i like the eggshell one a lot, the burlap one is nice but it reminds me a little of a $100 urban outfitters bag with it not being all leather.. but it is much nicer to wear everyday/throw around and not worry about dirt. would be ideal to keep both lol
  11. I ordered the Burlap way back when it first came out...I did not keep it. It was too busy IMO, between the Burlap and the leather and the RG Hdw., just too much going on! I would prefer the all leather version, plus I think it would probably outlast the burlap as well.
  12. i have the Eggshell one and wore it for couple of times. the leather is not easily get satin as i thought. the only problem i found is the rosegold hardware will get scratch