Emilas Balenciaga Family

  1. Finally im able to post my babies:yahoo:

  2. Holy crap! Great collection. I have an urge to roll around on your table - so gorgeous!
  3. my WORK force heee hee heee

    rouge 05 work; ink work ;cornflower work;cognac work
  4. my red 04 classic
  5. my flat brass- my favorite baby
    shrug magenta

  6. my work bags



  7. bronze hobo
  8. oh cal you are sooo funny
  9. OMG!!! that's a HUGE collection!!!
    i so envy your works :girlsigh:
  10. They really are gorgeous Emila - you have great taste. Can I roll on them if I promise to keep my clothes on?
  11. seahorse thank you and cal ok but promise to bring me to the dark side heeeheee i will bring some milk for the cookies
  12. Holy moly that's an amazing collection! Do you want to be my role model?
  13. emila
    Your collection is beautiful!! :nuts: :heart: :yahoo: I love your cornflower work !!! Enjoy them and thanks for the pics !!!! ;)
  14. thanks myriam, tanja and cal
  15. AMAZING collection!!:nuts: :nuts:
    I especially love your red classique and the magenta shrug!
    I've never seen a magenta shrug before! It's gorgeous!!:heart: