EMI shipping problem?? Pls help!

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  1. Hi, I'm new to the site and right off the bat I have a shipping problem....maybe. I would love advice from more experienced sellers! I've sold quite a bit domestically with no issues but this is my first International sale. I sent a package from the USA to Australia by Express Mail International on January 19 and the tracking has never updated from "the PO has been electronically notified to expect package for shipment etc....". I purchased the label with paypal and printed the label/customs form on-line. Then I took the package and label (2 sheets of paper with 4 copies of the label) to the PO for help attaching everything properly. I purchased extra insurance and declared full value on the customs form. So I think I did everything right and yet I have no updates on the tracking after almost 2 weeks?? I called the 1-800 number and started an inquiry, but they have no clue as of yet where the package is. This is supposed to be a full tracking service, but is it really?? Has anyone else had an issue with seeing the tracking progress on-line? Is there a chance it will still be delivered ok or is this bizarre for an EMI package?

    Also I should add that the box is just a plain brown box...not an express box and no express stickers on it (I didn't know that you could get a special box or stickers until later). Could this be the issue? Is the package being treated like Priority or First Class instead of EMI because of the plain brown packaging? Thanks in advance for any insight into this issue...or if you have a similar story and everything turned out fine that would be great to hear too!
  2. Sorry you're having this problem. This is happen often with USPS, no updates on the tracking. Usually it will show update at least when the package left the USA. And 2 weeks is unusual, the item should be at the destination in Australia. With no update on the tracking, we can not even tell if the item being held at Custom, etc.
    I understand what you mean by calling the 1-800 number and they can't help.
    (if with UPS, they will call you back and do every efforts to locate your package!)

    I have 2 packages ship with full value (one $1,200 and one for $399) and tracking was not update but both my buyers left me feedback, meaning they got the item.
    I am lucky that I have honest buyers.
  3. USPS can get confused on this too, but the logo of the Express Mail plus the EMS clearly displayed on the left hand side of the label-they should not get confused. But who knows.

    If you could not find an answer from the 1-800 number, go to your post office and talk to the person who accepted your package and tell her/him about this issue and ask why not been scanned at all.
    I know it is sucks, we can't even file the insurance claim if even the scan did not even show anything but the "electronically notified by the shipper........"
  4. Sorry, you haven't been able to get an update -
    I have had issues with the site not updating from time to time but eventually it does show up.
    I know I've called the 1-800 number and actually had a representative give me updated information that wasn't on the site.
    I'm so happy to read you insured & declared correctly.
    Has the Buyer contacted you?
  5. Thanks so much for your help! I did call my PO to ask about the tracking and here is where it gets really confusing because their explanation is very different from the USPS website and the people at the 1-800 number. EMI is advertised as a door to door full tracking service and the people at the 1-800 number agree that my case is unusual and I should be seeing tracking from the sorting center, airports etc. But the person I spoke to at my PO said that they never scan "incoming" packages destined for international destinations they just get trucked directly to the airport. Also, ever since 9-11 and fears of terrorism information about packages destined for international flights are no longer available for the sender. The package won't "appear" in on-line tracking for me until it clears customs. Does this make sense? If this is true then why is it advertised as full tracking and why do the people at the 1-800 number have a different story? When other sellers have sent EMI packages from the USA to international destinations have you been able to see full tracking as it occurs?

    When I was at the PO I kept the sender's copy of the label and the clerk stamped it with their postal stamp with the date and everything...I also have a dated receipt for the insurance I bought. I hope that if they should lose this package I'll at the very least be able to make a claim! But, what I really want is for them to find the package! Sorry, very stressed....I realy appreciate your help.
  6. The buyer has been communicating with me and is being very patient and understanding....so far at least! If the package is lost I will of course refund them, but I'm hoping they will wait a little longer to see if the package shows up. The PO considers the package *lost* 30 days after opening an inquiry. Should I wait until then to refund or should I do it sooner?
  7. Do not refund soon, wait for a few more days-in the meantime keep pestering your PO.
    This is not right, at least they scan an Express Mail International package when it left the USA.
    And if the scan only said: "electronically notified bla..bla.." USPS claim department might denied your claim, with reason that they do not have proof that you actually mail your package.
  8. But every packages I sent with EMI up to a few days ago, still showing tracking, and not only when it clears Custom.
  9. That is how I thought the tracking was supposed to work...step by step all the way to the buyers house. Sigh....figures my first international shipment should go wrong! Thank you for your help, I will keep pestering USPS to find my package!
  10. Yes, that is how the tracking was supposed to work with the Express International Mail-I spoke with my PO many times and they keep confirmed it that Express Mail is the only service within the USPS that provide "real" tracking (supposed of the Delivery Confirmation with Priority Mail) but do not be surprise with the bad USPS service.
    Hopefully your package is just a glitch on their system and the tracking will up dated soonest-or also could happen that your buyer will tell you that she receives the item while the tracking number still not being update at all.
  11. Oh, I hope so! My buyer is being very kind and patient so far. They are just as anxious to receive the package! I hope it resolves soon....the stress of not knowing is enough to drive me nuts!
  12. I know what you mean about the stress of not knowing the progress of the shipment and where the package after 2 weeks!
    Not an International transaction, but I just had $1,400 worth of bag, tracking showed up being "Out For Delivery or Available at PO Box" on Jan 25 and never been updated since then. I called USPS they said nothing we can do but wait and keep checking the Track 7 Confirm. I was nervous like hell-but my buyer left me positive feedback the other day said she's happy with bag and FAST shipping. I just check today Feb 1st, the tracking STILL not been updated!
  13. Thank goodness for honest buyers to leave good feedback and let you know the package arrived safely! With no tracking updates there is no *proof* of delivery as far as paypal is concerned.
  14. Yes and all a dishonest buyer need to do is just file an INR claim and we seller will lost the dispute! It is really sucks!
  15. Oh, at least you have the witness of you did shipped the bag even the tracking still only shows "electronically notified..bla..bla..Make sure you remember which person at your PO who accepted your package (to put your mailing label in that clear envelope)
    I think in the meantime you can go to your PO, and find that person who accepted your package and ask her for the claim form. I think for EMI you can file a claim after 2 weeks of shipping date if not earlier.
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