Emi-Jay hair ties promo codes

  1. I am looking for a pack of 8 classic hairties.. Any emi-jay.com promo codes??? Thanks
  2. I bought them at Anthropologie, so a code for them might be easier to come by.
  3. thanks! can you use your card right now for free shipping??
  4. Are these good for thick hair?
  5. Yes.

    Honestly, they aren't so great. They are suppose to not leave a crimp in your hair, but sometimes I find that they still do. And they stretch out/lose their shape rather quickly. All they are is satin elastic. I went to the fabric store and bought one yard of the same metallic grey and pink that are used in the metallic packs for less than $2 each yard. While a pack goes for 5 bands for $12, I'll be able to get many, many more bands for $2. All I do is cut pieces and not them together Voila.
  6. Thanks for the tip! I did see the video of them making them and they are too easy to make.. and too overpriced. I will definitely stop at my local fabric store. Thanks again :smooch:
  7. Nice tip girls.. I will do the same.. Thanks!
  8. I'm planning on going to Michael's today.. if they don't have it I found a seller on etsy who has it in the same colors they sell :smile:
  9. Can you post/PM me the video? I've never heard of these before, and am curious to know if these types of hair bands/tie will work for me, but I really don't want to buy them for $10+ only to find out they don't work. Thanks! :smile:
  10. I'm looking for the video now.. They basically cut the elastic sation and make a knot. In the video they put them in purple dye to change the color. Here is a store on etsy that sell the elastic real cheap: http://www.etsy.com/shop/fabricdepo?section_id=7173709&page=1
  11. That's what it looks like, that they just tie the elastic at the end, just making sure since I've never seen (or heard) of these before. Thanks for posting the etsy link, checking it out now! :biggrin:
  12. I think the difference between Emi-Jay and the fabric you find at the fabric stores or even the ones you find on Etsy is that their elastics are all hand-dyed in Los Angeles. They're not these pre-made elastics that you can just buy. Each color is personally mixed by the girls...just compare them to other elastic ties from different companies (made in China, mind you) and you'll see how vibrant they are. Plus, Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker are huge Emi-Jay fans...not a bad price for snagging star style.

  13. Dyed with RIT.. They are cute, but wayyyy overpriced for what they are - mediocre hair ties. I have very thick hair and spend too much on hair things to find things that work, and these are not very useful for me. I can't wrap it around more than twice, and they aren't very strong.

    Just my 2 cents, of course :smile: I'd say it's worth trying out at $2 a yard, though!
  14. Yeah I hear you. I have thick hair, too, but I actually use their headband to wrap my hair and dang it's secure! Or have you tried using two hair ties? I like mixing my colors :smile:
  15. Its dyed with RIT and some of them aren't even dyed.. In the video they posted they have rolls of it purchased and they sit there with a ruler and cut pieces and make knots... Anyone can do it.

    My order came from etsy (fabricdepo) I spent $4 and I was able to make so many hair ties (over 10 I believe). They are great and don't leave that annoying dent I hate.