EMI, EMS, or Global express?

  1. What is the difference between USPS Express Mail, EMS or USPS Global express?

    I need to return an item back to Taiwan and I don't want it to get lost so I would need something that has a tracking number.

    I normally send by FEDEX but it can get VERY, VERY expensive so I would love to avoid this route. TIA.
  2. If you are in USA they are all the same. USPS Express Mail is for USA only, Global is express worldwide and EMS is the service name outside of USA. (If you received something send EMS, as soon as it reaches US it becomes Express Mail and vice versa) I'm I clear?
  3. Definitely use Express Mail (EMS) to send the item back to Taiwan -- don't use Global Priority, because it doesn't provide tracking.
  4. Yes, Global express Mail (EMS) is the safest way to go. Don't use Priority it may be a little cheaper but it's not secure at all.

  5. add to that:
    USPS express also is US OVERNIGHT shipping

    i recomend always send EMS/ anykind of EXPRESS w TRACKING number and GUARANTEE receive in 5-7 days if item going out of the country.
    never go w priority, takes forever and no tracking:tdown:

  6. Thanks everyone for your responses. This is so confusing so let me try and clarify what was said.

    USPS Express mail = Overnight in US only
    Express Mail (EMS) = Global Express Mail = tracking + guaranteed delivery date
    Global Priority = no tracking + no delivery date provided

    Am I right?
  7. yes:tup:
  8. Send it EMS, handbag-ho, I live in Australia and always ask a seller to send it this way, have never lost anything yet, it's excellent, you can follow your parcel's progress online, so you know where it is..

    Good luck!:smile: