emergency! where do I buy Applegarde???

  1. Help!!! Just got home from a shopping trip and I noticed that the corner of my shopping bag apparently scraped my YSL Muse. :crybaby: There are several scratches, luckily on the back, and I'm trying not to freak out about it. :nuts: I've read that lots of you PFers love Applegarde conditioner, and I think maybe I'll try it out to see if it'll fix my problem. (I have an old bottle of Coach conditioner, but it specifically says not to use it on buffalo leather).

    So where do I get Applegarde? And please share any insight you have on whether you recommend this stuff or not. Thanks everybody for your help. :heart:
  2. I got mine at Burlington Coat Factory
  3. Mine too...i was just there the other day. My new balenciaga needed some conditioning, so I ran out and bought a bottle just before the store closed.:P
  4. I bought the leather conditioner from Leatherstuff.com and I like the product.