emergency surgery tonight

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  1. hi all -- if anyone's up at this hour please send good thoughts to jeter, who is just going into surgery for internal bleeding from his spleen. it may be coming from a tumor, but they've got to get inside to see what exactly is going on. please keep your fingers crossed for successful surgery and good news in a few hours. THANKS.

  2. Jeter will be in my prayers. ((Hugs for you)):heart:
  3. Prayers to Jeter!!!!!!
  4. Aww..don't worry i'm sure he will pull through!:yes:
  5. My thoughts are with you and Jeter in this awful time. He looks such a beautiful dog.
    I know its no good saying try not to worry, you love him so you are bound to just know we are here if you need to talk.
  6. Ahh, bless, what a beautiful pup!

    You're both in my thoughts, I truely wish Jeter all the very best.

    Take care,

  7. Sending positive vibes Jeter's way!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that, he and you are in my thoughts :heart:
  9. I hope he is okay, and the surgery went well.:heart:
  10. Best wishes for both of you. Let us know.
  11. Hope everything goes well! Keep us posted.
  12. thanks everyone:flowers:

    the surgery went well and jeter is comfortably recovering. there were three tumors the size of a fist on his spleen, but the good news is that all the other organs looked fine. now we have a terrible wait of about a week for biopsy results, so please keep those prayers and good vibes coming!

    the vet told us that jeter had bled so much that without the surgery he would have been gone by morning, so thank heaven we rushed him to the emergency clinic instead of waiting. we've rescheduled thanksgiving dinner, but that is certainly something for which to give thanks. and thanks for your support -- it really helps.
  13. It's great to hear that he is okay. I will keep sending good thoughts.
  14. It is a good thing you were close enough and were home at the time to get your baby to an emergency hospital. I hope he recovers quickly!! Veterinary medicine seems sophisicated and up-to-date to me, and it's a relief to know our pets are being treated with the best care.

    Good luck to your pup! I know everything will turn out fine.
  15. Glad to hear everything is going good for your pup!!

    BTW--what breed is the horse in your avatar? He/She is beautiful!!

    I have an Arabian, but also excercise Grand Prix Warmbloods and Tbreds for my grandparent's friend's barn:smile:
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