EMERGENCY: Speedy 30 Dentelle PRICE??????

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  1. Please please help me my husband is about to go to bed. How much is the Speedy 30 Dentelle????? US dollar, pounds sterling, Euro, HK dollar, CN dollar--I can do all the currency conversions in my head just tell me now if you know the price of this bag PLEASE!!!
  2. Au$2080
  3. i bough it yesterday from my country UAE 4800 DH, its around 1300 $
  4. The dentelle range is on UK Vuitton for sale now:nuts:
  5. It's SGD$2300 in Singapore which converts to approx. USD$1533.33 with current exchange.
  6. 950 euro
  7. lol you sound desperate you should get it it's less than $1500 I think.
  8. $1420 in the US!
  9. £700.00 uk pounds
  10. wow what super speedy expert answers
  11. are you getting one? :nuts:
  12. good luck! :smile:
  13. $1420 Usd