Emergency skin soothing question


Jan 4, 2006
Yesterday a series of peculiar tiny bumps grew on the bridge of my nose and across an eyebrow. I cannot tell yet whether they are cystic or the result of a new foundation I tried out. The area is not too red yet, but it is only a matter of time. Plus, they hurt.

I have had some luck applying benedryl cream to such blemishes in the past, but is there anything else that is more gentle that would inhibit the swelling?
May 14, 2009
East Coast
It sounds like you had a allergic reaction to something or if you were in the hot sun a lot n some kind of heat reaction. Benedryl cream with help with any allergic reactions or if you take a benedryl pill at night it will make you very sleepy but it should give you some relief from the allergic reaction. I would definitely find out if you don't know what caused the reaction and do a patch test on your inside of you wrist to see if it reacts.
Aloe Vera can help with soothing swelling and calming.