emergency question...should i exchange thames gm damier for totally

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  1. NM just called and said they got the totally in mono. I just bought the Thames gm in damier...what to do?!
  2. keep the Thames its to die for :smile:
  3. i'd keep the thames. it's a gorgeous bag. to me, the thames is a little more unique since i don't see them nearly as often as i do the totally.
  4. I would keep the thames and buy the totally :P

    The thames is too cute and too classt!!
  5. Love the Thames...Keep it and save for the Totally :smile:
  6. I'd exchange it if I only had to pick one.
  7. i would DEFINITELY keep the thames! so much cuter!
  8. though i think the thames is beautiful, i prefer the practicality of the totally. plus i'd be worried about scratching up the logo plate on the thames. it's all up to you though!! both are great bags; perhaps get both as earthx mentioned.
  9. Keep the Thames.
  10. I like the Thames in Damier. Get the Totally later on, no hurry.

  11. I agree with earthx! Keep and also buy, and then enjoy your two different looks and options. :yahoo:
  12. Keep the Thames! It's like a mini more structured version of the Galliera! You could still save up for the totally!
  13. Exchange for the Totally since it's the bag you originally wanted.
  14. I agree!
  15. I'd keep the Thames.