Emergency price increase question: do I buy the Nomade Speedy?

  1. I want this bag, but oh, what will the price be on Wednesday.
    Nomade Speedy...it would be my first Speedy.
    I'm really panicking over here, and I don't usually do that.

  2. <--yeah, i panicked and bought too.....but I KNOW I will feel better on Thursday!
    Just do it....
  3. Gelbergirl: Less panicking, more shopping. NOW! :smash:
  4. prolly buy it now
  5. buy it now!

  6. buy it now :yes: :yes: anyway.. if u have a change of mind u can always return it for a credit note/exchange.. but if the price really increases.. u will be so glad u bought it! ;)
  7. Buy it now before the price increase :sweatdrop: